Competition Results 2019-20

Open Competition 4 - Jan 20

Open Large Prints
PositionAuthorTitle League MarksPlace / Creditiation
1Sheila ReganGreater Blue Heron Missing Catch201st
2Ray GirlingRecord of Frieze from "The Meeting Place"192nd
3Ray HillFlight of Fancy183rd
4Kath HillYoung Elephant17HB-HC
5Tom ShecklestonBattling the Elements ~ Berlin Marathon 201917HB-HC
6Jim CainWasp on Faded Apple17HB-HC
7Kath HillAlert Fieldfare17HB-HC
8Tom ShecklestonSunrise over Scheveningen Beach16HB-C
9Sheila ReganThreatening Autumn Storm16HB-C
10Ray HillReady to Mate16HB-C
11Sheila ReganMellow Light on the Fells15
12Joffre TrotmanLast Tram to Handsworth15
13Jim CainMexican Spiny tailed Iguana15
14Ray HillBuzzard Looking to Land15
15Tom ShecklestonDetermination ~ Berlin Marathon 201915
16Jim CainLesser Black Backed Gull15
17Kath HillAutumn Light15
18Ray GirlingLilac Breasted Roller14
19Ray GirlingLeap of Faith14
20Joffre TrotmanDon't Panic14
21Joffre TrotmanAutumn Rocks13

Open DPI's
PositionAuthorTitleLeague MarksPlace / Creditation
1Joff TrotmanWinter Morning201
2Tom ShacklestonCormorant with chicks Farne Island192
3Ian SmithGalapagos large billed flycatcher183
4Ian WhistonCheetah Carring Kill17HB-HC
5Ian WhistonLittle Bee Eater with Ant17HB-HC
6Ray HillTurnstone17HB-HC
7Jim CainLand Crab16HB-C
8Joff TrotmanOtter Island Derwent Water16HB-C
9Ray GirlingCopper toned study16HB-C
10Jim YarwoodI am Flying15
11Ian SmithCotopaxi15
12Chris PriorHiking in the Picos15
13Ray HillChief Running Water15
14Kath HillSheer Delight15
15Dale SmithGreat spotted woodpecker15
16Tom ShacklestonLooking forward to a feed Farne Islands15
17Jim CainHousefly15
18Chris PriorSwallow Chicks15
19Sheila ReganFirst Snow on the Fells15
20Ian SmithSleeping Fox15
21Jim YarwoodWillow over water15
22Ray GirlingThundercat15
23Sheila ReganGosling15
24Joff TrotmanCold Running15
25Chris PriorWhite-Bellied Sea Eagle15
26Kath HillCaught His Eye15
27Jim CainNuthatch15
28Ian WhistonMale Lion on Charge15
29Tom ShacklestonPuffin Lookout 187915
30Ray GirlingCowheard14
31Jim YarwoodHistory Lesson14
32Dale SmithHovis Hill14
33Kath HillLar Gibbon14
34Dale SmithThe man and Robin14
35Sheila ReganBee on ruby flower13
36Ray HillShowgirl13