Competition results 2018-19

2019 Annual PDI Competition results

Judge: Roger Evans, FBPE EFIAP DPAGB
2019 Annual PDI competition Winners
SectionsAuthorsPicture Titles
1. OpenRay HillNo Bones Broken
2. NatureIan WhistonHyena Bonding with Cub
3. RecordRay GirlingIndiennes by Singh twins
4. PortraitPaul WilcockRachyy (No. 3)
5. LandscapeTom SheckestonMachu Picchu Sunlit
6. CreativeRay GirlingItalian Street Scene
7. MonoRay GirlingCome into my Parlour
2018-19 Annual PDI Competition Overall WinnerTom SheckestonMachu Picchu Sunlit
Ray HillNo Bones Broken20Winner1st
Jean DickensonVenetian Mask19HB VHC
Jim CainThree day old Indali19HB VHC
Ray GirlingLast obstacle the Electric Field19HB VHC
Ken DickensonPolo Pas de Deux19HB VHC
Tom ShecklestonCiutat de les Arts i Ciencies One18HB HC
Ray HillAim FIRE18HB HC
Ray GirlingAlex18HB HC
Ray GirlingThe Display18HB HC
Jim CainForrest Geum18HB HC
Jean CainMerecat on look out17HB C
Kath HillBowled Out17HB C
Dave CuttingThe Jungle Fights Back15
Veronica NicholasSKATER15
Paul WilcockThe Charity Runner15
Kath HillVenetian Mooring15
Chris PriorGreat Leap Forward15
Ken DickensonShane Byrne15
Jean CainChaffinch15
Peter TaskerAngel in Disguise15
Joff TrotmanJogging15
Judy WrightNechtans Glen15
David JonesDark Green Fritillary15
Peter TaskerLate Chrysanthemum15
Dave CuttingA Long Way Down15
Joff TrotmanLiving the high life15
Veronica NicholasBlackbird in flight with berry15
Chris PriorMaori Image15
Jim CainShane Byrne15
Tom ShecklestonCiutat de les Arts i Ciencies Two15
David JonesHeavy Metal Rocker15
Jean CainAllium flowers15
Jean DickensonSpirit of the mountain15
Kath HillAlpha Male15
Paul WilcockThe Jab15
Judy WrightBeside the Harbour15
Dave CuttingJapan in Biddulph15
Peter TaskerFeeling Ostracised15
Paul WilcockChester Sandwich15
Tom ShecklestonLondon Sunset Panorama15
David JonesReds In Close Formation15
Veronica NicholasSnail on tree15
Ray HillLooking for the next fence15
Ian WhistonHyena Bonding with Cub20Winner1st
Ian WhistonHippo Dispute19HB VHC
Kath HillLittle Owl19HB VHC
Veronica NicholasFrog 0n Lily Pad18HB HC
Ian WhistonCheetah with Food for Sibling18HB HC
Kath HillMeerkat17HB C
Ian SmithGolden plover17HB C
Ian SmithRinged plover17HB C
Veronica NicholasGrasshopper Amongst Leaves17HB C
Dale Smithfallow deer family15
Veronica NicholasEmerging Lizard15
Tom ShecklestonCondor over Colca Canyon15
Joff TrotmanButterfly feeding15
Ken DickensonOxpeckers on Buffalo15
Jim CainKittiwake nest with chicks15
Peter TaskerPsychedelic Chrysanthemum15
Jean CainRuff on the shoreline15
Ray HillLong Tailed Tit 215
Jean DickensonCoot Chicks15
Chris PriorGannet & Chick15
Judy WrightLittle Egrets in the Rain15
Chris PriorGannet15
Peter TaskerMeadow Brown on Lavender15
Ray HillSibling Rivalry15
Jim CainYellow dungfly15
Ken DickensonRobin with catch15
Jean DickensonMeadow Pippit15
Joff TrotmanButterfly resting15
Ian SmithChaffinch15
Jean CainBlue Tit15
Peter TaskerWild Fungi15
Chris PriorSleeping Seals15
Jean CainOystercatcher and chick15
Jim CainCormorant feeding a chick15
Ray GirlingIndiennes by Singh twins20Winner1st
Dale Smithbattle of britain memorial18HB HC
David JonesAbandoned Farmbuildings18HB HC
Veronica NicholasOradour Memorial Village15
Judy WrightIrises by moonlight15
Ken DickensonDenver Street Corner15
Peter TaskerSpanish Dome15
Jean DickensonThe Last Supper Rome Cemetry15
Dale SmithD Day paratrooper memorial window15
Veronica NicholasThe Stare15
Paul WilcockRachyy (No. 3)20Winner1st
Jean CainBakhara deer19VHC
Ray GirlingJerry19VHC
Jim CainPuffin with sand eels18HC
Tom ShecklestonSea Queen18HC
Ray HillLooking for Trouble17Com
Ray GirlingJake the Pirate17Com
Dale SmithBob15
Peter TaskerPrivate Eye15
Joff TrotmanThe paratrooper15
Veronica NicholasCool Dude at Talent Contest15
Kath HillPreacher Man15
Chris PriorMaori Guide15
Ian SmithPretty boy15
Jean DickensonBest Friends15
Chris PriorMaori Warrior15
Ian SmithOK I`m not pretty15
Joff TrotmanThe Water Seller15
Paul WilcockThe Hell Runner15
Chris PriorThree Men on a Kite15
Paul WilcockIn the Zone15
Tom ShecklestonMachu Picchu Sunlit20Winner1st
Ken DickensonEilien Donnan Castle19VHC
Dale SmithRoad to Edale19VHC
Ray HillStorm across the Swillies18HC
Peter TaskerAutumn17Com
Kath HillForce of Nature17Com
Ray Hill12:30 to Horton Ribblesdale15
Chris PriorGhostly Clouds over Southwold15
Judy WrightScottish Forest15
Paul WilcockThe Water Mill15
David JonesLLYN IDWAL15
Joff TrotmanThe Weaver in Winter15
Kath HillGrand Canal15
Ian SmithLos Cuernos del Paine15
Ray GirlingFlorence Sunset15
Dale SmithFollow the rail15
Chris PriorWestland Tai Poutini National Park15
Joff TrotmanWeaver in autumn15
Ian SmithWinter sunshine on Snowden15
Tom ShecklestonPuerto Maldonado at Dawn15
Ian SmithFisherfield Forest wilderness15
Ray GirlingItalian Street Scene20Winner1st
Ray GirlingForgive them19HB VHC
Jim CainIn ballance18HB HC
Judy WrightIrises by Firelight15
Judy WrightCanalside Reflections15
Judy WrightSeashells15
Ray GirlingCome into my Parlour20Winner1st
Ian WhistonElephant Playtime19HB VHC
Dale Smithwatching over18HB HC
Jean CainRed Sqirrel18HB HC
Ian WhistonOn the Turn18HB HC
Kath HillPrivate Eye17HB C
Ian WhistonRace Leaders17HB C
Ray HillCowboy17HB C
Paul WilcockThe Bog Warrior17HB C
Tom ShecklestonDeliveroo on Brick Lane15
David JonesLiverpool Metropolitan Cathedral15
Jim CainBakhara Deer15
Peter TaskerGnarled Stump15
Paul WilcockSunday Stroll15
Ray HillRaising the dead15
Joff TrotmanMoving along15
Veronica NicholasRocker15
Ken DickensonThe Needles15
Judy WrightTangled Trees15
Tom ShecklestonMachu Picchu Vista15
Joff TrotmanThe Crusher15
David JonesReleasing The Stone15
Paul WilcockRachyy (No. 2)15
Judy WrightWoodland15
Kath HillDetermination15
Jim CainAnemone15
Tom ShecklestonPainting the Grand Canyon15