Competition results 2018-19

League Competition 4 2018-2019

Open Competition 4 Held on the 9th January 2019
Judge: Janice Barton CPAGB,BPE3*
Open Large prints
AuthorTitleLeague MarksPosition
Ray GirlingForgive Them201st
Paul WilcockThe Bog Warrior192nd
Paul WilcockRachyy ( No2)183rd
Ray GirlingElectric Shock Tough Mudder17HB-HC
Veronica NicholasFrog Amonst Lily Pads17HB-HC
Kath HillEye on the Ball16HB-C
Ray HillRaising the Dead16HB-C
Kath HillVenetian Mooring16HB-C
Ray GirlingBea Noir15
Rar HillWoodpecker Ready to Feed15
Veronica NicholasBearded Man15
Kath HillHighland Cow15
Tom ShecklestonManchester in July15
Sheila ReganEssex Skipper15
Sheila ReganKelley Hall Tarn15
Toni PachlWinter at Dunham Mill15
Veronica NicholasSkate Boarder15
Paul WilcockCharity Runner15
Sheila ReganCautious Juvenile Goosander15
Ray HillShelduck Ready to Land14
Tom ShecklestonEarly Light over Mandre de Dios ~ Peru14
Tom ShecklestonWinter Sunrise over Bostock ~ Cheshire14

Open DPI's
AuthorTitleLeague MarksPosition
Ray HillNo Bones Broken201st
Ian WhistonCheetah with Food for Sibling192nd
Ray GirlingAlex183rd
Veronica NicholasGRASSHOPPER amongst leaves17HB-HC
Ray HillSibling Rivalry17HB-HC
Ian WhistonHippo Dispute17HB-HC
Kath HillLittle Owl17HB-HC
Jean CainMerecat on look out17HB-HC
Sheila ReganGood Boy17HB-HC
Ken DickensonOxpeckers on Buffalo17HB-HC
Paul WilcockEvening Solitude17HB-HC
Ken DickensonTawny Eagle.17HB-HC
Paul WilcockMy Wet Feet16HB-C
Ray HillCowboy16HB-C
Ian SmithRinged plover16HB-C
Tom ShecklestonWinter Sunrise over Bostock16HB-C
Peter TaskerPrivate Eye16HB-C
Ken DickensonGaining possesion15
Jim CainUnfurling spiral of fiddlehead fern15
Sheila ReganTufted Duck Making a splash15
Jean CainPuffin line up15
Jim Yarwoodthrough the blind15
Ray GirlingItalian Street Scene15
Jim CainGlen Irwin Oulton Park 201815
David JonesEnd of Autumn15
Kath HillAlpha Male15
Ray GirlingBenji15
Richard MorrisShould have read the instructions for flat pack Temple15
Jim Yarwoodmarigold flower head15
Kath HillForce of Nature15
Richard MorrisWaiting to enter the Best Beard Competition15
Jim CainBeutiful Detail of Camillia bud15
Jean CainMale Ruff in breeding plumage15
Richard MorrisIndian girl14
Tom ShecklestonWinter Reflection on River14
Ian SmithShag14
David JonesDark Green Fritillary14
Peter TaskerGodstall Lane14
Paul WilcockThe Leg Over14
Tom ShecklestonHistoric Reflections in the Weaver14
Dale SmithMill stone in the beech wood14
Ian WhistonOff Hunting at Dusk14
Jim YarwoodThe fishermen of england14
Peter TaskerThe Street Sculptor14
David JonesWinters Day At Bala Lake14
Ian SmithTraigh an t Suidhe Iona14
Sheila ReganAutumn Morning13