Competition results 2018-19

League Competition 3 2018-2019

Open Competition 3 Mono Held on the 5th December 2018
Judge: Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE3*
Open Large prints
AuthorTitleLeague MarksPosition
Kath HillDetermination201st
Ray GirlingCome into My Parlour192nd
Sheila ReganEdges to the Cloud183rd
Paul WilcockSunday Stroll17HB-HC
Paul WilcockRachyy17HB-HC
Tom ShecklestonAmerican Pick Up Truck17HB-HC
Joffre TrotmanSpeed17HB-HC
Tom ShecklestonGhost Town in the West16HB-C
Ray GirlingLiverbird16HB-C
Sheila ReganCentre Frame16HB-C
Veronica NicholasRocker16HB-C
Ray GirlingTara16HB-C
Joffre TrotmanAiming High16HB-C
Ray HillGrey Squirrel Foraging15
Kath HillGrand Canal15
Ray HillCowboy15
Jim CainPloughing the Field15
Paul WilcockThe Right Hook15
Tom ShecklestonGo Well Go Shell15
Sheila ReganZebra Junction14
Veronica NicholasCharles Owner of team Engine14
Joffre TrotmanThe Swan14
Veronica NicholasOld Pals at the Match14
Ray HillAfter the Storm13
Open Competition 3 MonoHeld on the 5th December 2018
Judge: Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE3*
Open DPI's
AuthorTitleLeague MarksPosition
Ray GirlingPirate201st
Paul WilcockThe Bog Warrior192nd
Jim CainAnemone183rd
Ian WhistonOn the Turn17HB-HC
Ray GirlingEye Contact17HB-HC
Jim CainResting from the rut17HB-HC
Ian WhistonRace Leaders17HB-HC
Peter TaskerGnarled Stump16HB-C
Richard MorrisFlowering reeds16HB-C
Ray HillShelduck ready to land16HB-C
Richard MorrisItalian Church16HB-C
Veronica NicholasPhone Zone16HB-C
Sheila ReganKick On16HB-C
Ray HillLooking for the next Fence16HB-C
Tom ShecklestonView and Reflection from Cupola in Reichstag16HB-C
Veronica NicholasThe Kick15
Jean CainStag with hinds15
Jim CainPuffin with sand eels15
Tom ShecklestonBerlin A Changing City15
Dale SmithWatching you15
Kath HillOne Man and his Drone15
Ken DickensonCharging Rhino15
Joff TrotmanCrunch time15
Ray HillDressed to kill15
Dale SmithFollow the rail15
Tom ShecklestonPeruvian Lady Enjoying Ice cream15
Peter TaskerSpanish Dome15
Paul WilcockHypnotic Eyes15
Ray GirlingIn The Rapids15
Joff TrotmanThe Singer15
Jim YarwoodEmpty. Charity. Betting15
Richard MorrisThe Bridge15
Sheila ReganCatching the Sun15
Ian WhistonElephant Playtime15
Joff TrotmanBerber Village14
Paul WilcockMaking the Jump (No.2)14
Jean CainLizard14
Sheila ReganSky Rider14
Ken DickensonNo Sailing today14
Jim Yarwoodapproaching evening13
Kath HillPennine Way13
Jim YarwoodEating their big macs13
Chris PriorWar Graves at Thiepval13
Dale SmithCotswold holiday13
Ken DickensonGarden Badger13
Veronica NicholasSkater13
Chris PriorMogarraz, Spain13
Peter TaskerSpanish Mural13
Chris PriorAndalucian Gypsy12