Competition results 2018-19

League Competition 2 2018-2019

Open Competition 2 Held on the 7th November 2017
Judge: John Royle CPAGB
Advanced large prints
Open Large prints
AuthorTitleLeague MarksPosition
Veronica NicholasSkater201st
Kath HillPreacher Man192nd
Ray GirlingItalian Street Scene183rd
Kath HillForce of Nature17HC
Paul WilcockThe Fag Break17HC
Paul WilcockIn the Zone17HC
Ray GirlingThe Pirate17HC
Ray GirlingCattle Egret Landing17HC
Ray HillNo Bones Broken17HC
Ray HillSibling Rivalry17HC
Sheila ReganDesigned by Nature17HC
Sheila ReganHard Pull to the Right17HC
Veronica NicholasLady of Venice17HC
Jim CainGreenfinch16C
Joff TrotmanFlying Machine16C
Kath HillSunday Afternoon16C
Ray Hill12.30 to Horton in Ribblesdale16C
Sheila ReganMallard Nesting with Chicks16C
Sue GirlingHerdwick Ram,16C
Veronica NicholasGrasshopper on Grass Stalk16C
Jean CainBee on Sea Holly15
Jim CainBee on Echincea15
Jim CainSplash Art15
Joff TrotmanThe Duet15
Joff TrotmanThe Collector15
Paul WilcockThe Selfie14
Advanced PDI's
AuthorTitleLeague MarksPosition
Ian WhistonHyena Bonding with Cub201st
Ken DickensonPolo Pas de Deux193rd
Ray GirlingElectric Shock Tough Mudder183rd
Ian WhistonCalling Red Grouse17HC
Ian WhistonLion Cubs at Sunset17HC
Jean CainRed Sqirrel17HC
Jim Cain3 day old male Asian elephant Indali17HC
Kath HillLittle Owl 217HC
Kath HillOut17HC
Paul WilcockRachyy No_317HC
Ray GirlingCome into my Parlour17HC
Ray HillLongtailed Tit 217HC
Richard MorrisWaiting and waiting17HC
Veronica NicholasHorse shower17HC
Dale SmithGR4 TORNADO16C
Ian SmithGolden plover16C
Jean Cain 1Oystercatcher and chick16C
Jim CainFlowering lawn sedge and seed16C
Jim CainLulworth Skipper16C
Joff TrotmanFlying Machine16C
Kath HillVenetian Lamp16C
Ken DickensonClose company16C
Ray GirlingChipmunk16C
Ray HillCaibbean Flamingo16C
Sheila ReganLooking ahead16C
Sheila ReganSentinals16C
Veronica NicholasDragonfly16C
Bob PeckBusy Fishing15
Bob PeckPaint Needed15
Bob PeckWoodbridge Cenotaph at night15
Chris PriorMoroccan Sahara15
Chris PriorEvening at Southwold15
Chris PriorLa Alberca15
Dale SmithBEECH TREE AVE 315
Ian SmithFulmar15
Ian SmithLopez Island15
Jean CainShell Duck with chicks15
Jean Cain 2Dragonfly on reed15
Jim YarwoodNot a happy meal15
Jim YarwoodOriental poppy15
Jim YarwoodBurst of coluor15
Joff TrotmanMorning Flight15
Joff TrotmanThe Challenge15
Paul WilcockJaklash Cat15
Peter TaskerThe Street Artist15
Peter TaskerJohn Holmes15
Ray HillSwan nesting15
Richard MorrisAm I boring you15
Richard MorrisSunset behind the Taj Mahal15
Sheila ReganKittiwake15
Veronica NicholasMan in Blue15
Ken DickensonWannabe Greyhounds14
Paul WilcockThe Gentleman14
Peter TaskerDo Not Eat14