Competition results 2018-19

League Competition 1 2018-19

Open Large prints
AuthorTitleLeague MarksPosition
Kath HillAlpha Male201st
Kath HillLittle Owl192nd
Paul WilcockThe Hell Runner183rd
Veronica NicholasPike Soldier17HB-HC
Ray GirlingFlorence Sunset17HB-HC
Joffre TrotmanReflections17HB-HC
Veronica NicholasWhite Butterfly17HB-HC
Veronica NicholasQueenie16HB-C
Paul WilcockRachyy16HB-C
Joffre TrotmanTaking the Applause15
Paul WilcockThe Flying Scotsman15
Sheila ReganView To The Lake15
Ray HillYou Say Youre a Photographer15
Sheila ReganBald Eagle15
Sheila ReganEvening Light15
Ray GirlingLeigh15
Dave CuttingPetra In The Mountains15
Dave CuttingThe 10:25 To Rawtonatall14
Ray HillCaibbean Flamingo14
Ray GirlingCambodian Fishing Village Family14
Dave CuttingChanging Ends14
Joffre TrotmanButtermere Morning14
Ray HillClean Bowled14
Kath HillWelsh Ponies14
Open DPI's
AuthorTitleLeague MarksPosition
Ken DickensonShane Byrne201st
Ian WhistonBlack Backed Jackals Mating192nd
Paul WicockThe Water Mill183rd
Jim CainSplash Art17HB-HC
Ray GirlingYoure Late17HB-HC
Veronica NicholasDamselfly on grass stem17HB-HC
Ray GirlingCattle Egret Landing17HB-HC
Jim CainYellow Dung Fly with blue bottle17HB-HC
Veronica NicholasBallon Seller17HB-HC
Paul WicockSubaru Impreza16HB-C
Kath HillThe Potting Shed16HB-C
Paul WicockThe Fag Break16HB-C
Kath HillTriathlete15
Ken DickensonMale Lion and Cubs15
Peter TaskerCaterham on Track15
Ray HillWader Stand off15
Richard MorrisEver Green window display15
Sheila ReganCome on now15
Susan GirlingHerdwick Ram15
Dale SmithF15 Inbound15
Dave CuttingWaterside Cabins, Flam, Norway15
Ian WhistonHyena Cub Chasing Mum for Food15
Jim CainCherry Blossom15
Ken DickensonYou missed it then15
Ray HillWhen the going gets tough15
Sheila ReganSunlight on Reeds15
Veronica NicholasThreesome 0n the Bend15
Dave CuttingAlesund, Norway.15
Ian WhistonCheetah Family with Tommie15
Kath HillYou Spent How Much15
Peter TaskerAngel in Disguise15
Ray GirlingBen and Laura Contemporary Dance15
Sheila ReganThe Push off15
Bob PeckSuffolk Punch14
Chris PriorWe Smoke Fish14
Dale SmithBlue Land Crab14
Joff TrotmanBlue eyes14
Bob PeckBooks on Line14
Joff TrotmanShow time14
Richard MorrisSit Back and Relax14
Bob PeckCrossing the Deben14
Chris PriorPutting the World to Rights14
Dale SmithThe Kiss14
Joff TrotmanThe assembly14
Ray HillAndean Flamingos feeding14
Richard MorrisWhat am I supposed to compare14
Dave CuttingTeesside Cottages.13
Chris PriorOn The Beach13
Peter TaskerPalm Walk13