Competition results 2017-18

2018 Annual PDI competition


Advanced Open
Ray GirlingMolly with a ribbon201stWinner
Ray HillBest mates19VHC
Ken DickensonThe Broken Stick19VHC
Ken DickensonThe Last Man18HC
Ray GirlingElectric Shock Tough Mudder18HC
Joff Trotmanorchid17C
Kath HillNo Easy Ride17C
Jim CainDunnock Singing17C
Ken DickensonChris McGahan at Union Mills15
Jim CainHorsefly15
David JonesStarling Murmuration15
Kath HillBoy Racer15
Ray HillSilhouette of a Triathlete15
Joff TrotmanTravelling with teddy15
Paul WilcockChinese New Year Drumming15
Jean CainJapanese Maquac15
Bill BrowneWet15
Jean CainEastern black Rhino and calf15
Bill BrowneShelter15
Paul WilcockIt's my turn to be the Head15
Ray GirlingObsession15
Jim CainLong Eared Owl15
Jean CainTrumpeter Swan15
Kath HillPurple Power15
Advanced Nature
Ian WhistonLeopard Cub201stWinner
Ian WhistonAlert Cheetah Mother19VHC
Ken DickensonMale Lion and cubs18HC
Ray HillRedkite Hunting17C
Ian SmithCopper rumped hummingbird approaching flower17C
Ian WhistonLioness Fending Off Male Lion17C
Kath HillDipper with Insects17C
Ray HillPekin Robin17C
Sheila ReganPuffin with sandeels17C
Ken DickensonAlerted Cheetah15
Paul WilcockWild Rabbit15
Sheila ReganGreen Veined Butterfly15
Kath HillBuzzard Landing15
Jim CainLongtailed Tit15
Jean CainRobin15
VeronicaJeuvenile Heron15
Jean CainGatekeeper butterfly15
VeronicaBird in Hawthorn hedge15
Sheila ReganGround Squirrel15
Jim CainBlacktailed Godwit 115
Paul WilcockRed Fox15
Ian SmithWild rabbit on Lunga15
Kath HillGoldfinch Feeding15
Ray HillLittle Owles15
Ken DickensonGreenfinch15
Jim CainNuthatch 215
Ian SmithGreat crested grebe15
Advanced Record
Ray GirlingAl Pachino by Akse201stWinner
Kath HillWalter Stowe Bright McLaren MP18HC
Paul WilcockSubaru Impreza18HC
Ken DickensonHotel Columbino15
Bill BrowneFamagusta Cinema Duplex15
Bill BrowneWarehouse Mural Royal Seaforth Dock Complex Meseyside15
Advanced Portrait
Ray GirlingBubbles201stWinner
Bill BrowneAfternoon tea with Alice19VHC
VeronicaBearded one19VHC
Kath HillWeary Dude18HC
David JonesPeter17C
Ray GirlingCambodian Villager17C
VeronicaSid The Shoemaker17C
Joff TrotmanPutting on the style17C
Paul WilcockRocky15
Ian SmithIsaac15
Ken DickensonVenition Festival Entrant15
Joff TrotmanBass guitar15
Ray HillYoung Engineer15
David JonesFran15
Bill BrowneSam15
Joff TrotmanCenturian15
Ian SmithBuddy15
Ian SmithElena15
Advanced Landscape
Ray Girling Buttermere201stWinner
Sheila ReganMountain Valley19VHC
Ray HillEvening Light18HC
Paul WilcockMow Cop in Winter17C
Sheila ReganStorm down the valley17C
Kath HillJapanese Garden15
Ian SmithStriding Edge15
Joff TrotmanMarina storm15
Sheila ReganChurch Beck Waterfall15
Bob BrowneThe view from the other side15
Bob BrownePorec old town from the harbour15
Ian SmithTofano de Rozes15
Joff TrotmanMorning light15
Ray HillAfter the Storm across the Swillies15
Ian SmithWatching the sunset15
Advanced Creative
Ray GirlingDance for me201stWinner
Joff TrotmanThe singer17C
Jim CainFlower Power17C
Paul WilcockFriesian in Oils15
VeronicaPOPPY DUO15
Jim CainSummer flowers15
VeronicaIn the style of cling film15
Advanced Mono
Ray GirlingBefore the Concert201stWinner
VeronicaWild Bill19VHC
Ray GirlingUp and Over18HC
David JonesSteam Excursion17C
Ken DickensonWatching Tiger17C
Sheila ReganPoppa Piccolino17C
Joff TrotmanLiverpool night15
Jim CainLiontailed Maquac15
Paul WilcockLet Sleeping Dogs Lie15
Bill BrowneVintage Milanese tram in rainstorm15
Ray HillWheal Coates Tin Mine15
Sheila ReganCotter Force15
Ray HillDressed to kill15
Jim CainPloughing competition Frodsham15
Sheila ReganGrand Canal15
Bill BrowneDock side garage Birkenhead15
VeronicaAt the cafe15
Ken DickensonThe Cuilins from Elgol15
Joff TrotmanPerch Rock Lighthouse15
David JonesWinsford Salt Mine15
Paul WilcockFragile Nature15