Competition results 2017-18

Open Competition 4 - January 2018

Open Competition 4 Held on the 10th January 2018
Judge: Janice Barton CPAGB,BPE3*

Advanced Prints
Ray GirlingDance for MeHB1st
Ray GirlingWaiting for the ConcertHB2nd
Ray GirlingChamelionHB3rd
Ray HillRed Kite HuntingHB4th
Sheila ReganOctober ColoursHB5th
Kath HillBuzzard Landing17
Sheila ReganSpring Thaw17
Ray HillTawny Owl Ready for the Off16
Bill BrowneSymetry16
Sheila ReganGreat Blue Heron and Prey16
Bill BrowneStripes16
Kath HillGrebes Mating15
Joff TrotmanThe Crooner15
Ray HillSun Bittern with Catch15
Bill BrowneComandeered School Building15
Joff TrotmanThe Mooring15
Kath HillMorning Dew14
Joff TrotmanFirst Light on Buttermere14
Beginners DPI's
Bob PeckAdvent Candle1st
Bob PeckWot Not Cigarettes2
Bob PeckSt. Chads Font3
Advanced DPI's
Paul WilcockIn the ZoneHB1st
Bill BrowneLouiseHB2nd
Ray GirlingDancersHB3rd
Ian SmithPair of Silver-studded blue butterfliesHB4th
Ken DickensonJohnny Coddington on No ChanceHB5th
Ian WhistonJuvenile Lions Playing18HB
Ray GirlingButtermere18HB
Kath HillBoy Racer18HB
Ray GirlingCowboy18HB
Ian WhistonStalking Leopard18HB
Ray HillLittle Owl18HB
Kath HillWeary Dude18HB
Ian WhistonBuffalo with Oxpecker18HB
Ray HillBest mates17
Veronica NicholasRobin in Shoe17
Joff TrotmanTravelling with teddy16
Kath HillNo Easy Ride16
Veronica NicholasBlackbird Feasting on Berries16
Victorian FarmerVictorian Farmer16
Ken DickensonGiving it all16
Sheila ReganMountain Valley16
Jim Caincommon green bottle fly mating16
Ian SmithCollecting nesting material16
Ken DickensonGreenfinch16
Jim CainYoung common snail on Anemone16
Bill BrowneStrairway to paradise15
David JonesUnderside of Comma Butterfly15
Veronica NicholasDrama Queen15
Peter TaskerBored Stiff15
Jim Yarwoodinterior worcester cathrdral15
Paul WilcockMale Blackbird15
Bill BrowneHouston, we have a problem15
Peter TaskerRoad to Nowhere15
Ray HillYoung Engineer15
Jim YarwoodCimema on stilts15
David JonesStarling Murmuration15
Sheila ReganGround Squirrel ie Chipmunk14
Paul WilcockLate Summer Sun14
Ian SmithMonte Civetta14
Colin BreretonMans best friend14
Jim CainBlack tailed Godwit preening14
Joff TrotmanCollecting pollen14
Colin BreretonMaking waves14
Sheila ReganMourning Dove14
Joff TrotmanSunset14
Colin BreretonVictorian lady14
Peter TaskerLate Chrysanthemum13
Jim YarwoodPychadelic daisies13