Competition results 2017-18

Open Competition 2 - November 2017

Open Competition 2 Held on the 1st November 2017
Judge: John Royle CPAGB

Advanced large prints
Ray GirlingPole FitnessHB1st
Mark ClaytonBrace For ImpactHB2nd
Ray HillReady for the RutHB3rd
Ray GirlingBubblesHB4th
Ray HillYoung EngineerHB5th
Mark ClaytonEvening Light South stack18HB
Sheila ReganTranquil Waters18HB
Sheila ReganStonechat18HB
Ray GirlingThe Boat Graveyard18HB
Mark ClaytonWisdom17
Sheila ReganView From the Footpath17
Joff TrotmanSun Flower Feast17
Joff TrotmanReady for Action17
Ray HillWheel Coats Out of the Mist17
Joff TrotmanScale Knott Across Crommock Water16
Beginners DPI's
Mike ReillyHarvest Moon at Ladram Bay.1st
Mike ReillyOn the Beach.2nd
Mike ReillySummers End.3rd
Dave CuttingRight or Left.4th
Dave CuttingThe House that Jack built.5th
Dave CuttingRiver Ouse18
Advanced DPI's
Ray HillLittle OwlsHB1st
Ian WhistonLeopard CubHB2nd
Paul WilcockThe Charity RunnerHB3rd
Jim CainFlower ArrangementHB4th
Ray GirlingChameleonHB5th
Jim CainHover fly on Daisy18HB
Mark ClaytonDoronicum pardalianches18HB
Ray GirlingIn His Wake18HB
Sheila ReganPuffin with sand eels18HB
Veronica NicholasAT THE STEAM FAIR18HB
Ian WhistonLioness Fending off Male Lion18HB
Jean CainEastern Black Rhino Kitani with Calf18HB
Bill BrowneStorm over the Liver Building18HB
Ian SmithJuvenile Swallow18HB
Ian WhistonCheetah Hunting Piglet18HB
Ray HillSilhouette of a Triathele18HB
Veronica NicholasPoppy Duo18HB
Ian SmithMonte Pelmo at Sunset17HB
Ray HillPekin Robin17HB
Chris PriorKing Hassan Mosque, Casablanca17HB
Bill BrowneContainer cranes17
Chris PriorWhen I grow up I want to be like you17
Mark ClaytonEyes on the Beat17
Maurice BakerFemale Leopard17
Paul WilcockFull Stretch17
Veronica NicholasHeron on Lake17
Joff TrotmanMorning Walk17
Kath HillMorning Dew17
Sheila ReganGreen-Veined White Butterfly17
Dave JonesRed Squirrel16
Ian SmithBrown hawker dragonfly16
Joff TrotmanAutumn sky16
Kath HillPurple Power16
Maurice BakerLucy Coddington16
Sue GirlingFlorence16
Bill BrowneGreenery Bar16
David JonesRAF Falcons Display16
Jim CainFly on Begonia16
Peter TaskerLeek Pod16
Ray GirlingMake Tea not War16
Sue GirlingFrog16
Jim YarwoodYoung Blackbird Sunbathing16
Mark ClaytonOver the Log16
Maurice BakerCranes16
Paul WilcockSmall White Male16
Peter TaskerThirsty Meadow Brown16
Jean CainRuddy shell duck15
Jim YarwoodWaiting for mum to come15
Peter TaskerSummer Lavender15
Chris PriorThe City of Arts and Science15
Jim YarwoodGold Lectern St Johns Chester15
Joff TrotmanTacking Necter from the Thisle15
Kath HillGrebes Mating15
Sheila ReganPraire Dog Munching15