Competition results 2016-17

2017 Annual PDI Creative Competition Results

2017 Annual PDI competition
Judge: "Robert Millin DPAGB, EFIAP/g, SPSA, EPSA, ABPE, GPU"
Advanced Creative
Ray GirlingThe Gambler20First
Ray GirlingLiverbird19HB VHC2
Jim CainSunflower18HB HC3
Dick EllinghamGallery Ghost17HB C4
Dick EllinghamMouse Machine15
Ken DickensonOff to the war15
Judy WrightCanal Reflections15
Vironica NicholasROOTS - Fallen Tree15
Judy WrightNorwegian Fjord15
Dick EllinghamFree Spirits15
Ken DickensonOn The River Weaver15
Judy WrightScottish Forest15