Competition results 2016-17

2017 Annual PDI Nature Competition Results

2017 Annual PDI competition
Judge: Robert Millin "DPAGB, EFIAP/g, SPSA, EPSA, ABPE, GPU"
Advanced Nature
Ian WhistonCheetah Siblings20First
Ken DickensonTwo Goldfinch Feeding19HB VHC2
Ray HillMale Red Deer Bellowing19HB VHC2
Ian WhistonLeopard Cub Affection19HB VHC2
Ian WhistonCheetah with Family19HB VHC2
Jean CainRed squirrel19HB VHC2
Veronica NicholasDAMSELFLY18HB HC7
Sheila ReganRuddy Chasers18HB HC7
Ray HillLioness Resting18HB HC7
Jim CainWeaver bird nest building17HB C10
Sheila ReganPurple Swamphen17HB C10
Jim CainSpotted Heath Orchid17HB C10
Ian SmithReed bunting15
Jean CainChaffinch15
Sue GirlingStonechat15
Richard MorrisChasing the elusive fish15
Kath HillGoldfinch Feeding15
Maurice BakerMale Lion and Cub15
Jean CainBee on yellow Daisy15
Jim CainHoverfly approaching Great Willow Herb15
Ian SmithCock pheasant15
Ray HillSumatran tiger Flehmen Response15
Ken DickensonBlue Tit15
Sue GirlingChequered Skipper15
Maurice BakerTomi15
Kath HillOyster Catcher feeding15
Richard MorrisLizard15
Sue GirlingBuff Tip Moth15
Ian SmithGrey squirrel15
Kath HillTiger on Patrol15
Maurice BakerRobin15