Competition results 2016-17

Annual Theme Competition 2017

Competition Theme: “Beauty in Decay”
Judge: Tilman Kleinhans ARPS,EFIAP/b,DPAGB,BPE2*
Advanced large prints
Veronica NicholasRustic1st
Veronica NicholasBroken Vision2nd
Ray GirlingDead Puffa Fish3rd
Ray GirlingThe Boat Graveyard4th
Ray GirlingBeauty in Urban Decay5th
Joff TrotmanAutumn Leaves18HBC
Sheila ReganCrumblingGlacier18HBC
Graham QuinnFill the Frame18HBC
Kath HillPush-bike18HBC
Ray HillParadise lost17
Joff TrotmanChestnut Colours17
Graham QuinnMy New Dress17
Ray HillRedundant17
Ray HillLast destination16
Sheila ReganAmber Tree16
Graham QuinnEmma16
Kath HillNatural Beauty16
Veronica NicholasBeautiful Dereliction15
Joff TrotmanLast Conker15
Sue GirlingOld Cartwheel15
Kath HillWinter Wonderland14
Sheila ReganThe Fish Market14
Beginners DPI's
Peter TaskerIn Need of Conversion1st
Joff TrotmanNo welcome at the Inn2nd
Joff TrotmanOak leaves in winter3rd
Joff TrotmanFallen fruit4th
Peter TaskerRose of St Rita5th
Peter TaskerPete's Dragon16
Advanced DPI's
Veronica NicholasROOTS of Fallen Tree1st
Jim CainFaded Pulsatilla Vulgaris2nd
Ray GirlingThe Face3rd
Ian SmithEntoloma hochstetteri4th
Jim CainFading Anemone5th
Kath HillOld Fergies18HBC
Ray GirlingRock Erosion in the Peak District18HBC
Jim CainClematis seed head18HBC
Veronica NicholasPIPES18HBC
Paul WilcockPlague Stones18HBC
Sheila ReganWasting Away18HBC
Veronica NicholasNUMBER 418HBC
Sue GirlingDead Wood Under Stormy Sky17
Ian SmithLast resting place17
Dick EllinghamErosion17
Kath HillDeserted Farmhouse17
Ray GirlingBlack Eyed Susan17
Dick EllinghamToo much stuff16
Ian SmithWallerscote silos16
Paul Wilcock123 year old Chica16
Sheila ReganHistoric Grapnel16
Dick EllinghamPop up home City of culture16
Paul WilcockForrest Dragon16
Ray HillLife after death16
Sheila ReganD K in the old docks16
Sue GirlingAbandoned16
Jill ButterworthSeedhead15
Richard MorrisAsleep in the wood15
Jill ButterworthRotting windowframe15
Kath HillWrecker's Yard15
Richard MorrisLittle Miss Frog15
Jill ButterworthMother in law at the Dentist15
Ray HillOld Grumpy Stumpy15
Richard MorrisRusty the pig15
Ray HillAll that is left14