Competition results 2015-16

Annual PDI Competition 2016 Results & winning Images

2016 Annual PDI competition
Judge: Tremaine Cornish EPSA,CPAGB,AFIAP, BPE3*

Beginners Open DPI's
Paul WilcockEnjoying the Blackpool SunsetVHC1st
Richard MorrisFather and sonVHC2nd
Paul WilcockOulton Park ExperienceVHC3rd
Joffrie TrotmanVictorian GentlemanHC
Richard MorrisFishing on Inle lake at dawnC
Advanced Open DPI's
Jim CainMating HoverfliesVHC1st
Ray GirlingHarry AlexanderVHC2nd
Ray HillOn the EdgeVHC3rd
Ray GirlingThree GlassesHC
Mark ClaytonFog on the TyneHC
Ken DickensonGetting down to itHC
Mark ClaytonCasksHC
Ken DickensonCaps pipes and papersHC
Dick EllinghamThe MostynC
Sue GirlingRed ArrowsC
Judy WrightSkeins of Rock 5C
Advanced Natural History DPI's
Ian WhistonCheetah Watching Over CubsVHC1st
Mark ClaytonResting HoverflyVHC2nd
Veronica NicholasMale Damsel FlyVHC3rd
Ken DickensonGreedy NuthatchHC
Ian WhistonCheetahs Looking for PreyHC
IanDisplaying Lesser FlamingoesHC
Ray HillEgyption GooseC
Jean CainGarden Spider starting to construct its webC
Advanced Portrait DPI's
Ray HillJaguarVHC1st
Veronica NicholasMuskateerVHC2nd
Ray GirlingMiss SVVHC3rd
Ray GirlingHorace SilverHC
Mark ClaytonYuukiHC
Ian SmithChild in Mustang, NepalHC
Ray HillDresses to KillHC
Veronica NicholasRemembering past timesC
Jim CainAsian short-clawed OtterC
Advanced Landscapes DPI's
Ray GirlingDerwentwaterVHC1st
Dick EllinghamLiverpool lightVHC2nd
Ray GirlingTo The BenchVHC3rd
Kath HillBorrowdale in SpringHC
Paul WilcockGoing HomeHC
Kath HillLakeland FellHC
Dick EllinghamLate evening Bolton PrioryC
Paul WilcockMow CopC
Advanced Record DPI's
Ray GirlingThe technique of Greg RutherfordVHC1st
Ray GirlingThe BeatlesVHC2nd
Ken DickensonThe PresidentsHC3rd
Veronica NicholasThe last supperC
Ken DickensonPumping Wheel at LaxeyC
Advanced Creative DPI's
Dick EllinghamSecret ShedVHC1st
Dick EllinghamJapanese GardenVHC2nd
Judy WrightTrees at the Edge of the FieldHC3rd
Ray GirlingLady LeafC