MCCC Street Photography Definition

The purpose of this definition is two-fold, firstly it will provide guidance to MCCC members prior to taking part in the 2021/2 theme competition. Secondly, it is to assist the judge by providing a marking basis for all entered images.

In essence, street photography is reactive and motivated by curiosity or creative inquiry, allowing it to deliver a relatively neutral depiction of the world that mirrors society, unmanipulated and with usually unaware subjects.

Definition Points.

1. The image would be shot in a public place and would include:

a. anywhere that the general public is at liberty to enter on payment or otherwise.

2. The image would usually include people but it does not have to, however, it would need to include signs of humanity/human existence.

3. Street photography can focus on people and their behaviour in public and can include ‘unposed portraits’. Your captures can include minimum interaction between the photographer and subject(s), although it is important that the end result is not a portrait image in the purest sense.

4. The image would be of a real scene, not a constructed one, so only a single shot is permitted.

As with all good photography, the image would aim to engage with the viewer and provoke an emotional response.