League Competition Results 2019-2020

This section will list all of the Clubs Competition Results throughout the 2019 / 20 season. Click on a competition title to see the results.

Open Competition 1 - Oct 19

Open Competition 2 - Nov 19 (Mono)

Open Competition 3 - Dec 19

Open Competition 4 - Jan 20

Open Competition 5 - Feb 20

Annual Theme Competition - Mar 20


Photographer of the Year League Tables

The below score sheets depict the current state of play for the Photographer of the Year Competition in both Prints and PDIs. The results include Open Comp 4.

The ranking is based on the highest running mark. To assist members, in determining their strategy going forward an average mark and their highest mark to date has been added in subsequent columns.

League Table Stats - Prints
League Table Stats - Prints

League Table Stats - PDIs
League Table Stats - PDIs