How to Resize PDI's for MCCC competition

How to create and re-size a JPEG file using Adobe Photoshop
Resizing your image to 1400 x 1050 and set the colour space profile to sRGB.
All digital images will be judged at a resolution of 1400 x 1050 pixels. The 1400 is the width, making the image a landscape format. Firstly, you should resize your image to this dimension. You will probably want to maintain the proportions (aspect ratio) of your image, so you may choose to add a background colour to fill any remaining space, this is easy to do and is explained later on.

How to re-size your image
1. From the Image menu,
choose Image Size. The
Image Size dialog box is
displayed, see above

2. In the Pixel Dimensions
section at the top, change
the units to show pixels

2a. Set Resize Method to
“Bicubic Sharper”

3. Enter the width 1400. The height will adjust
automatically providing you have the Constrain
Proportions box ticked.

4. Before clicking OK, check
the height, if the height is more than 1050 pixels, then
you need to enter 1050 in the height - this will reduce
the width to less than 1400

5. Finally remember to set the colour space to sRGB.