Landscape - Looking Local by Chris Shepherd

Chris Shepherd
Chris Shepherd
This week we were joined via Zoom by Chris Shepherd who delivered a humorous and informative talk about his journey through photography.

After the usual technical difficulties, including some feedback harsher than a grumpy judge, Chris started his talk. Chris’s talk was titled “Landscape - looking local” and centred around shooting great photos without having to travel too far away from home.

He shared his journey from taking his first shot of his favourite tree, taken on a point-and-shoot camera, to the work he produces now. Chris is a multi-published photographer, and it was a treat and an inspiration to see his photographs. He talked about Location Myopia – when you always want to be taking shots somewhere else and you fail to see the opportunities you have around you. Some of the points I will take away with me are that making mistakes are a big part of learning and to just enjoy taking pictures and not worry about what anyone else thinks (a point a wise lady called Kath reminded me of recently).

At points in the talk we really did laugh out loud, and I know the other members, like me have gained some great ideas. He summed up landscape photography as the constant search for an interesting foreground. His final points were… Take a look at what is on your doorstep, now look again, and again and avoid wishing you were somewhere else.

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