Through Your Lens 1 - Summer Project

A start of a new season for the Camera Club. The buzz in the room is uplifting as people greet each other and catch up on their summer news.

Tonight, we opened with a Through The Lens night, this is not a competition but a chance to view your work on a large screen and if you are brave enough seek feedback and advice from fellow members. It gives you the opportunity to gauge the reaction to your shots if you are considering entering them into competitions. This time, things were a little different than we are used to and there were 7 categories to choose from (or ignore if you wished) designed to push us out of our comfort zone and do something a bit different. The categories were mono, architecture, different angle, street, shades of one colour abstract, and texture. You can submit up to 6 images to a Through the Lens event. 72 images had been submitted from 13 members.

Before we started viewing the images, there were a few words from our chair, Paul. He welcomed us back and ran through a few highlights from the coming season. Cheers arose as he announced prints were back to competitions, something that had been halted to make us more Covid safe. We are also looking forward to new judges this year and three of our competitions will have a theme - doors and doorways, mono, and landscape. Practical sessions are always a personal highlight of mine, and this year seems it will not disappoint. We can look forward to still life, character portrait, and a trip out to the streets of an unsuspecting town to undertake some street photography. Last year we visited Chester and it proved to be a great success.

The viewing of the images began, I waited nervously having submitted six images myself. I did not have long to wait and they were met with kind comments and useful tips. It was a real treat to see the featured shots with some outstanding images, some of which we will no doubt see in competitions this year. From the quality shown it looks like a fantastic year is forecast!

If you would like to join us, we are a friendly bunch and welcome new members. You can “Try before you buy!” and come for up to three sessions before you must join. A session costs £2.50 and membership is £30. We meet on a Wednesday 7.45pm and St Andrews Church, Winsford.

For more information about the Mid-Cheshire Camera Club visit our website at

Karen Swift
Press & Publicity Officer