MCCC Practical Evening - Still Life

Grapes and Wine
Grapes and Wine

Part of the importance and the appeal of being in a Camera Club is getting to know your camera better, being able to use it to take better images in different situations, and using add-ons to improve the overall image quality such as off-camera flash (OCF).

With this in mind, I teamed up with long-time MCCC member and multiple times Club Champion, Ray Girling to host a still life evening. Ray and I planned four still life setups using off-camera flash. Each set was created with different lighting effects with a view of giving members images to add their portfolios, which they can use to practice their post-production skills or even enter them into club competitions. The other aspect of the evening was learning some skills that could be transferred into other aspects of photography such as portraiture and macro work.
Ray and I were on hand both looking after two sets each and there to assist any member that needed some or just asking members to think about perspective and shooting angle and how that affects the composition of their image.

It was really good to see members in their downtime showing each other their images that they had taken and generally mingling and getting to know each other better. It is easy for any camera club to fall into the trap of organising a stream of presentations each week and therefore to break the trend with a practical evening is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

The practical has been set up in two parts, part one relates purely to the taking of images at each of the sets, part 2 relates to giving members ideas as to how they can transform their images in post-production. Both Ray and I will be presenting part 2 on the 24th Nov.

This was a really successful evening with lots of good images taken coupled with members being able to get to know each other better. We do plan to have more practical events next season, however, our next practical event for this season is a model shoot in February 2022. I am sure our members will be looking forward to that, as a portrait photographer, I know I am.

For more information about the Mid-Cheshire Camera Club visit our website at or come along to a meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.45 for 8pm at St Andrews Methodist Church, Dingle Lane, Winsford.

Paul Wilcock
Press & Publicity Officer
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