Open Competition 5

Geoff Reader
Geoff Reader
For the last Open competition of the season, MCCC Members were joined by a regular visitor to the club, Geoff Reader (DPAGB / BPE3*) from Alsager Camera Club. Tonight, Geoff had 53 PDI entries to judge.

Before Geoff started judging he explained to the hybrid (physical and zoom) audience his methodology behind scoring the images.
Ian Whiston then went through the images showing the audience the complete competition. The standard was, as usual, very high with a complete assortment of images covering multiple different genres.

As this is an Open competition, members are able to submit images from any genre. Genres from tonight’s selection of images included: Portraiture, Journalism, Record, Architectural, and Natural History.

Geoff - got started with his feedback straight away. Feedback centred around the following points:
1. Exposure - images being too bright and the highlights needed to be toned down
2. Composition - the elements of the image not telling the story particularly well because of their placement
3. Cropping out or removing distractions
4. Focal point within the composition – some images did not have a defined focal point to allow the viewers eye to rest
5. The narrative has to be clear to everyone as a result, images were marked down if the narrative was weak e.g. A crowd of people facing away from the camera is weaker than facing towards the camera
6. Geoff made comment about the good relationship between light and dark tones
7. He emphasised the need for images to have impact - this is linked to the focal point and comes under the umbrella of composition
8. Subjects that are put under stress create a good narrative and is all part of capturing the shot just at the right moment.
9. Images with burnt-out hotspots were marked down
10. Birds on twigs need to be seen and not be partially hidden by twigs or branches

Focusing back on the competition, the results were in

PositionAuthorTitleLeague Marks
1stIan SmithWhitethroat20
2ndIan SmithLarge skipper male19.5
3rdJim CainHoverfly on Lilly Anther19
4thJim CainAqualegia going to seed18.5
5thKaren SwiftRegal18

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up and a thank you to all the members taking part. A final big thank you to our Judge, Geoff Reader, who provided sound and honest feedback throughout the whole evening.

For more information about the Mid-Cheshire Camera Club visit our website at or come along to a meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.45 for 8pm at St Andrews Methodist Church, Dingle Lane, Winsford.

Paul Wilcock
Press & Publicity Officer