Portrait Evening with Graham Currey

Graham Currey
Graham Currey
Practical evenings are one thing that members have requested more of over recent years. This year Mid-Cheshire Camera Club welcomes back Graham Currey. Graham is not only a professional photographer and photography educator but an actor and model. On this particular evening, Graham was combining his modelling and education skills together to give our members a real insight into how a simple two light set up can produce some really stunning results.

Graham erected a large black backdrop and placed his main light on camera right at approximately 45 degrees to the model. The second light, which is called a separation light because it is designed to separate the subject from the back was placed opposite the main light but behind the model – camera left. Settings were set by Graham with the main light two full stops more powerful than the separation light.

Portrait Night with Graham Curry 1
Camera settings used was a base aperture of F7.1, shutter 1/125th ISO 100. The idea being to remove all the ambient light from the scene thus relying solely on the studio lights to create soft pleasing light around the model. The lights we were using were two Pixapro PIKA200 also known as the Godox AD200. They were modified, the main using a large octobox and the separation light was modified with a three-foot strip softbox. Graham was positioned within 2-3 feet of the main light.

Graham came equipped with a number of costumes and props for the evening. Members took turns to photograph Graham who responded well to direction and encouragement from the members. He was happy to display different emotions fitting the costume he was wearing at the time.

Portrait Night with Graham Curry 2
This evening was about learning and gaining confidence in using flash in a studio situation. There was no pressure to perform and it was a good place to start and guide oneself into this genre of photography. After taking the shot we analysed the image of the back of our cameras to assess the brightness on the model and re-adjusted the aperture to suit. I was amazed at the quality of the images that we were all taking and I am sure we will see some of them in future club competitions.

As some of you may know, Graham is an L& CPU judge and has offered members from the evening to send in their best image from each set. He will judge each image and choose an overall winner.

Portrait Night with Graham Curry 3
This was a very relaxed and enjoyable evening with lots of laughter and banter between the members but also opportunities for some good learning from Graham. The Club thanks Graham for a great evening and we hope to see him again at MCCC very soon.

For more information about the Mid-Cheshire Camera Club visit our website at or come along to a meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.45 for 8pm at the Dingle Recreation Centre, Winsford.