Nature Photography - A Recorded Lecture by Paul Keene

Twenty members settled in their seats at the Dingle Centre. Our Chairman, Ray Hill called the audience to order and introduced tonight’s recorded presentation.

Paul Keene (FRPS / MPAGB / EFIAP/p / MFIAP) is a renowned nature and wildlife photographer. He has been involved in photography for nearly 50years. His interests began with his desire to record the wildlife that he used to watch but his subject range expanded to include landscape, travel and portraiture. Paul is on the PAGB judges list and has judged many regional, national and international exhibitions.

Paul’s Nature Photography presentation was created to explain to anyone wanting to start in this genre of photography how to go about it.

After a brief introduction, Paul showed us a number of images to introduce his work. He then went onto explain a number of things to consider before setting out with your camera and tripod.
1. What Kit you will need
2. Fieldcraft
3. The Law
4. Places to go
After Paul had worked through the above considerations, he went on to show us more of his fabulous work. He started off by showing the audience some super shots of birds taken in his garden, then in his local area and lastly at a Nature or RSPB Reserve. He gave some tips along the way that make the image more appealing such as ensuring a plain blurred background to make the subject naturally pop in the image.

Paul discussed a number of different techniques to enable you to get close to the wildlife such as stalking or the use of a hide. He also stressed the importance of knowing some of the habits of the wildlife that you want to take especially if you are looking for a particular shot. Paul calls this fieldcraft.

After tea, Paul moved away from birds and concentrated on other aspects of nature such as fungi, flowers and mammals. He presented many good examples of his work giving the audience some good ideas as to how we can present our own images.

All in all, this was a wonderful presentation, interesting and informative throughout. We thank Paul for his time in preparing the recorded lecture and a big thank you to Ray Hill for arranging for the lecture to be played at Mid-Cheshire Camera Club.

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