Digital Wedding Photography - It's Easy Isn't It? A presentation by Ian Stewart

Over the years I have read and watched many articles about photography and noticed on occasion how wedding photographers are talked about in a slightly less than positive manner – “if you can’t make it as a professional photographer you could always shoot weddings!” This is a grossly unfair statement for what is one of the most pressurised and responsible genres of professional photography. Let’s face it, wedding photographers only get one chance to get the image, irrespective of light, irrespective of subjects being distracted, irrespective of the weather. Their whole career, business and livelihood depend on it. Well, with that in mind, professional wedding photographer Ian Stewart paid a return trip back to Mid-Cheshire Camera Club to tell us all about his career, how he does it, the equipment he uses the problems he has to deal with but also the rewards of the day.

Ian provided a short introduction and got us all off to a great start with a short AV presentation depicting one of his weddings that shot some years ago. The quality of the images depicting the various emotions from different stages of the day set to sensual, gentle music made the whole experience enchanting – I was hooked! This was not difficult as a hopeless romantic seeing the bride getting ready with eager anticipation of the day ahead of her and her future husband standing tall and proud waiting for his betrothed is a recipe for another Richard Curtis film.

Following the AV, Ian presented to the 30 strong audience in a calm and confident manner. He discussed the important parts of the wedding day that had to be captured and posing the bride and groom. He explained in detail about what the wedding photographer should be looking to capture – emotion, joy, rain, giggles. He described certain poses and images such as the confetti shots. He went into detail about his equipment and how he uses it, centre point focusing, his metering and white balance preferences adding a tip as to how he keeps the wedding dress from ‘blowing out’. He continued with how he used off-camera flash citing a method known as ‘Foofing’ the flash which basically means bouncing it off a wall or ceiling.

One of the issues that Ian was keen to point out to the audience was his workflow. The protection of the memory cards with the precious memories of the wedding day had to be guarded and processed with a clear head and a faultless workflow. Making a number of backups were important to ensure redundancy was in plentiful supply. Over the years that Ian has been in the business, he has tried a number of different software bundles and was able to give the audience the benefit of his experience.

At tea break, I caught up with Ian for a one on one chat. He is an interesting chap and a passionate photographer having started his photography journey at the age of 15. At the age of 16 he joined Birkenhead Photographic Association and has been with them ever since. Ian is a past president of the L&CPU and is an L&CPU certified Judge. When taking images for himself, his preferred genres is sport and nature.

All in all, this was a highly enjoyable evening which provided us with an in-depth view of the life of a wedding photographer. We thank Ian for his time and hopefully, he can return to MCCC to judge one of our competitions.

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