Annual PDI 2019

Roger Evans
When we eventually get around to the annuals it does feel that the club season is coming to a close, which is a shame. It is hard to believe we have had seven months of meetings so far this season and I suppose we need a break to go out and develop new skills and take some great photography in readiness for the 2019/20 season. That said, the season is not over and tonight is all about the best of our Projected Digital Images.

No Broken Bones by Ray Hill
I walked into the meeting room at the Dingle Centre and sized up the competition. I was greeted with a few quiet nods and hellos by members. Kath took my money with a youthful eagerness, her other half - Ray - was in deep discussion with our Judge, Roger Evans. Ian, our Chairman, was fiddling with his laptop and Ray Girling was in deep thought looking at the marking sheet. A small wry smile broke out across my face – they’re playing it cool I thought to myself. No one is giving anything away. I quietly took my seat and waited for the evening to start.
Hyena Bonding with Cub by Ian Whiston
A simmering pot of excitement was bubbling away in the room. We are a competitive club, we all like to do well, we all like to win but with 165 images spread across 7 sections, it was not going to be easy and every member entering the competition had to be bringing their ‘A’ game for a sniff of a chance. This is the competition where winners win the silverware and their names are engraved forever on the respective trophies. The thought of winning one sent shivers down my spine – doubting myself with useless questions, was I good enough? would the Judge like my work? Could I have done better? We were about to find out.

Our Judge for the night Roger Evans (MPAGB, EFIAP/b, FBPE) needed no introduction. A regular at Mid-Cheshire Camera Club - he has presented talks on sports photography and also previously Judged our Open Competitions.
'Indiennes by Singh Twins' by Ray Girling
The members showed their appreciation with a round of applause. Since Roger’s last visit he has moved away from Chester Photographic Society joining Wrekin Arts Photographic Club in Telford. Roger is still very much immersed in sports photography and is currently finalising a new presentation. I hope he manages to make it back to MCCC as his last talk was very informative and of great interest in relation to his photographic passion in the thick of the sporting world.

Roger had a massive task of judging the collection of images. As a result, the evening was extended for half an hour to get it all in.
Rachyy (No. 3) by Paul Wilcock
Normally at this point in an article, I would comment on the critique and the advice offered by our Judge. In fairness to Roger, he did offer limited critique and I sensed he would have liked to have offered more but the time pressures were against him and he alone was in control of the clock and the pace of the evening. Without some strict discipline, we would all be still there now listening to his feedback. The first half of the evening we worked through the Record, Portrait, Landscape and Mono sections. With tea and biscuits quickly out of the way, Roger went back at it. Reviewing images from Creative, Nature and Open sections. Roger worked fast spending less than a minute on his review and critique making supportive comments, scoring and moving on. Eventually, Roger scored the last image and the results were in.

Italian Street Scene by Ray Girling
Congratulations to all the winners and runners up and a thank you to all the members taking part. A final big thank you goes to our Judge – Roger Evans, who worked tirelessly across a massive field to provide sound and honest feedback throughout the whole evening. We look forward to seeing him again next year.

Come into my Parlour by Ray Girling
For more information about the Mid-Cheshire Camera Club visit its website or come along to a meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.45 for 8pm at the Dingle Recreation Centre, Winsford.

Paul Wilcock
Press & Publicity Officer

Machu Picchu Sunlit by Tom Sheckleston