“Take the Next Step” A presentation by Dianne Owen

Dianne Owen FRPS
Dianne Owen FRPS
This week the club was visited by renowned photographer and digital artist Dianne Owen. She came to the club and presented her new talk entitled ‘Take the next step’.

The presentation involves a journey into the work of Dianne where she shows how her thoughts and personal emotions are transferred into bespoke works of art.

The concept is relatively simple, Dianne takes a photograph, from the images that I saw this could be still life, people, landscapes and animals but especially dogs. The image itself is taken on a journey where Dianne applies various treatments and textures with a reduced colour palette. The end result is a striking image that to some extent is removed from reality, which epitomises Dianne’s inner feelings at the time of creation. Renowned Street Photographer and vlogger Sean Tucker says as photographers we create images by painting with light, I believe that Dianne paints her images with pure emotion.

Interestingly and to some extent slightly frustratingly, Dianne explained that she now takes the majority of her images on her mobile phone citing that she can obtain a competition-sized print with expected sharpness and detail from her trusty device. I never thought I would ever hear a respected photographer ever saying that. Dianne explained that it is easier to use, carry around and for a lot of the images she takes is none threatening in the digital world that we live in. We all have mobiles and it is now an excepted practice to be taking images irrespective of where we are. It is not as easy for me to do the same with my trusty DSLR and 70-200mm lens.

Dianne presented her images and offered them around the 30 strong audience for a closer look. Her work is intricate and there is a consistency within it. I expect one would be able to recognise her work in any gallery. For me, this is what I have taken away from her presentation and that is the importance of developing your own style, a recognisable method of creation that depicts who we are as photographic artists, but also a style that is able to bend and flex as we develop as photographers.

Dianne’s work can be seen on her web site by clicking here.

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Mid Cheshire Camera Club Coffee Morning

Mid-Cheshire Camera Club Coffee Morning
Members of Mid-Cheshire Camera Club are hosting a coffee morning to bring awareness of the club to the local community with a view of attracting new members.

If there are any photographers in our community wanting to improve their skills or submit their images to local and regional competitions then please come along to our coffee morning for a relaxed introduction to our club.

The coffee morning is being held at St Andrew's Methodist Church, Dingle Lane, Winsford on Saturday 20th August 2020 between 10am - Noon.