17th October 2018 – PAGB Awards and How to Prepare for them

Gordon Jenkins
Gordon Jenkins
So, you think you are a good photographer! As you quietly mull that statement over in your minds, have you ever considered actually putting your skill to the ultimate test and by that, I mean applying for a PAGB distinction. Gordon Jenkins visited the club today to give us a really down to earth presentation on the PAGB Awards including, what they are, how we apply, costings, the marking process and the standard of the image required.

Gordon is an excellent orator and can capture an audience’s attention with his loud and confident delivery. Although not many members, in the decent sized gathering, were willing to initial commit to wanting to take part on the PAGB journey there were still some including yours truly that Gordon's talk appealed too. The presentation covered in basic terms the details about the three awards;
1. CPAGB (Credit)
2. DPAGB (Distinction)
3. MPAGB (Master)

Each section has its own acceptance criteria and there is an entrance fee to pay. Gordon went into detail about the marking informing us how many votes we needed to secure a pass at each level. He also provided us with some statistics comparing passes with prints versus PDIs. Gordon helpfully explained that the PAGB provide a free mentoring service to encourage and support ‘would be first-timers’ to get them through the process.

After tea, Gordon showed a selection of images from all three categories. He carefully explained that images were not competing against each other but the set standard for the category. The Judges were regularly assessed to ensure their marking was balanced and accurate.

As I reviewed the images on the screen I began to think that some of my best images were up to the standard required. Gordon invited questions from the audience and was on hand to give out literature for further reading. All in all, this was a really informative night and I hope to capitalise on Gordon’s input next year at the PAGB Awards day.

For more information about the Mid-Cheshire Camera Club visit our website at or come along to a meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.45 for 8 pm at the Dingle Recreation Centre, Winsford.

Paul Wilcock
Press & Publicity Officer