Bubble Rush 2018

Bubble Rush 18 - 2
Members of Mid-Cheshire Camera Club were once again called up for a most satisfying and worth while duty. St Luke’s Hospice were holding their Annual Bubble Rush again at Oulton Park Racing Circuit. Hundreds of charity fund raisers were collectively gathered together to get a complete bubble soaking all in the name of charity. What a great way to spend a reasonably sunny early spring Sunday afternoon.
Bubble Rush 18 - 3

Three intrepid volunteers from the club; Kath and Ray Hill and yours truly armed with SD Cards, wide and telephoto lens, speedlights and batteries galore descended on Oulton Park to photograph the fun, and boy did the runners all have fun. I will happily go on record and say I have never seen so many happy smiley faces. The amount of people happy to see a photographer and pose for images was over-whelming making a pleasant change from the norm.

Bubble Rush 18 - 4
Putting all the fun to one side for a moment, it is important to remember the central cause that sits behind the event and that is raising money for St Luke’s Hospice.

Bubble Rush 18 - 5
St Luke’s cares for adults living in mid and south Cheshire who are suffering from cancer and other life limiting illnesses. They also support family members including children and carers who are affected by the diagnosis both pre and post bereavement.

Bubble Rush 18 - 6
As well as the patient care they have offered for the past 30 years, our Day Hospice support 150 people each week at two different locations; St Luke’s in Winsford and Winterley Grange near Sandbach. This care includes a complementary therapies clinic, a counselling team, social work team and a Lymphoedema clinic.

St Luke’s is a charity funded by voluntary contributions; they have to raise £8,152 each day to enable the Hospice to provide free care and support to local people. For every £1 donated to St Luke’s 85p goes to patient care, while the remaining 15p helps us to raise another pound.

Bubble Rush 18 - 7
People never cease to amaze me in how much generosity they have to put to good causes such as this one. It was truly an amazing event and one that I hope to be a part of next year.

With a decent number of images recorded the only thing left to do was to go home for a nice cup of tea, that is, after I have cleaned the soap suds out of my ears!
Bubble Rush 18 - 8

For further information about St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice telephone 01606 551246, visit their website Link text here..., follow the Hospice on Twitter @StLukesHospice, or ‘like’ on Facebook Link text here...