Review of the "Bebington Salon of Photography" by David Jones

Bebington Salon of Photography 2016/17
In the absence of our regular reporter I am writing this news report about our meeting on Wednesday evening 26th April 2017.

We had a real treat as Bob Dennis from Bebington Photographic Society showed us a CD of images from the latest annual Bebington Salon of Photography. This Salon is one of the most prestigious of annual national competitions in the camera club fraternity in the United Kingdom. Over 3000 entries were submitted to this Salon and were judged by three eminent judges, one of whom was our own Chairman Ian Whiston. The judges whittled down these images to those which were deemed worthy of acceptance which totalled 515.

Bob in his own inimitable and humorous style then went through each section, colour, mono, landscape, portrait, creative and nature showing all of the 515 acceptances, from those which were commended, highly commended, very highly commended to those which had been selected for Bronze, Silver or Gold awards. Viewing photographs is very subjective but what is fair to say is that the photographs we saw were absolutely wonderful, breath taking, and of the highest standard. Initially you could think that they were so good that you should pack up photography and have another interest, but what came across to me was this was an inspiration to try to do even better with one’s own photography. Bob had spent over 120 hours piecing this presentation together and he had had difficulties with his voice prior to coming to our club, but fortunately it held up.

Just before the restart after the break Dot Johnson did her usual raffle. Ray Woodward had a winning ticket and selected a kettle as a prize, which was good for him as his previous one had lasted him for many, many years and you would not believe how he kept it going for so long. Somehow Superglue had come in handy!

At the end of the evening Ian warmly thanked Bob for coming and giving the presentation. Personally speaking I would love to have the opportunity to view it again and considered this to be one of the best nights ever I had attended at the club.

David Jones