L&CPU 2017 Annual Clubs competition – PDI section

MCCC performed well at yesterday’s L&CPU Club Competition held at Lowton School, north of Warrington.
This annual competition, for which the ultimate prize is a place in the PAGB Championships at Warwick later in the year is a two day event covering PDI’s on Saturday and Prints on Sunday.
Three judges from outside the L&CPU region considered over 1000 projected digital images divided into Colour, Monochrome and Nature with the maximum score that a judge can give being 5 marks.
MCCC came joint 8th with Poulton-le-Fylde out of 44 clubs with Wigan 10 first, closely followed by Chorley P.S.
ColourIan SmithIt’s The Honest Truth11
ColourMark ClaytonNo Going Back12
ColourRay GirlingMolly With a Ribbon12
ColourKenneth DickensonClean Bowled13
ColourRay GirlingOn Target15
ColourJim CainFocus Head10
ColourKathleen HillRowing Boats10
ColourRay HillOn the Edge12Total 95
MonoJim CainLion Tailed Macaque9
MonoSusan GirlingTo The Surf12
MonoRay GirlingGamble12
MonoDick EllinghamThe Way In12
MonoMark ClaytonFog On The Tyne11
MonoRay GirlingTake Off15
MonoKathleen HillFallow Deer9
MonoKathleen HillThinking Ahead11Total 91
NatureJim CainPolypore Fungi12
NatureSusan GirlingChequered Skipper13
NatureKenneth DickensonFemale Cheetah10
NatureRay GirlingGrouse in the Peak District10
NatureJim CainHoverfly Approaching Willow Herb11
NatureRay HillMale Red Deer Bellowing12
NatureRay HillAsiatic Lioness Resting12
NatureVeronica NicholasDamsel Fly11Total 91
Overall Total 277