‘Highland Journey’ by David Bibby EFIAP, CPAGB, BPE3*

At a Munro Summit

Last night Mid-Cheshire Camera Club’s members enjoyed an evening of Scottish mountain walking without having to stir from their seats as David Bibby, member of North Fylde P.S. and keen hill walker took us on a guided tour of the Munros in the Scottish Highlands.
This was more than a travel log as we learnt a little about the history of the Munros, the meaning of their Gaelic names and the strenuous pursuit of ‘Munro Bagging’. With the help of photographs taken from 1977 when David started on his quest to climb every Munro, to ticking off the very last one in 2008, we got a sense of the physical and emotional commitment needed to undertake such a personal challenge.
Munro view

Full of stunning views David’s presentation brought back memories for some and inspired others to get out and visit the Highlands, parts of which are easy to access and parts that offer the more adventurous a rare chance to experience life in the wilderness.
Having fulfilled his Munro bagging dream, David has now turned his walking boots towards Iceland and we look forward to another journey with him perhaps next year.

Kath Hill CPAGB
MCCC Secretary