30th November – An Evening with Graham Currey

Graham Currey

Well folks, tonight we had a fantastic treat in the form of Mr Graham Currey from South Manchester Camera Club.

Graham is a multi-talented individual. Not only is he a qualified L&CPU Judge but he is a Professional Photographer, Web Designer, Model and Actor. He has recently modelled for our External Competition Secretary – Ray Girling in an image called ‘The Gambler’ (See photo inset below).
02 Ray Girling the gambler

Graham came along to Mid-Cheshire Camera Club (MCCC) to share some of his photographic experiences. To do this, he brought with him over 100 images to showcase. Graham made the point of informing the 30-strong audience that these images fitted into three categories:
1. Images that have made him money
2. Images that have done well in competitions
3. Images that he just likes!

Graham provided us with an assemblage of artistic works covering genres of Landscape, Architecture and Portrait. He showed us some excellent landscape locations for our ‘Bucket List’ including:
• The Devils Kitchen
• Castle of the Winds
• Snowdon
The scenery was breath taking. Graham advised us how he took the images covering points of composition and perspective, and how in post-production used Tone Mapping – a form of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography – to bring out the various tones of the scenery and snow without creating a horrid over saturated HDR image. One of the main plug-ins used by Graham was Google Nik software – concentrating on Viveza to bring out colours and Silver Efex Pro to create his mono master pieces and HDR Efex Pro for Tone Mapping.

Graham has a fresh view of club photography and started by encouraging the audience not to get hung up with the formula of club competitions. What I think he means by this; stereo-typing one’s own photography or restricting one’s ability as a photographer to flourish and learn by taking images that you like, rather than only taking images or post processing images to a fixed L&CPU standard. The end result being - it potential harms you in a holistic photographic sense. By way of an example; he cites the quintessential club member who researches a Judge’s Portfolio for an upcoming competition, with a view of submitting images that the Judge maybe more inclined to like, with the intent of achieving better results. Graham explains - this member is restricting their own ability to grow as a photographer by stifling their photographic experience to a rigid set of rules. Graham quotes the saying ‘See it, Shoot It, Print it’ on his Facebook site. This is very much the embodiment of his current Photographic thinking.

Graham summed up the evening by saying he didn’t want to put club members off from entering competitions, but wants members to be original and honest with themselves about their photography. He wants us to submit images that you like and not to get overly concerned if a Judge has a differing view.

For more information about the Mid-Cheshire Camera Club visit its website or come along to a meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.45 for 8pm at the Dingle Recreation Centre, Winsford.

Paul Wilcock
Press & Publicity Officer