23rd November - Open Competition No. 2

23rd November - Open Competition No. 2
The 29 members rushed out of the bitter November cold, into the warmth of the Dingle Centre Recreation room. Kath Hill was there as usual to meet and greet members with a pleasant smile and general chit chat as members signed in and ‘paid their dues’. The congregation, with warm flushed faces, stripped off coats and scarfs - except for our Judge - and took their seats in preparation for the night’s festivities.

Yes folks – you guessed it! It’s Open Competition night. With a total of 50 Projected Digital Images (PDI’s) and 29 Prints our Judge for the night has his work cut out. As this is an Open competition, members are able to submit images from any genre. Genres from tonight’s selection of images included: Landscape, Journalism, Record, Architectural, Sport and Natural History.

Tonight’s Judge has a long standing and fond relationship with Mid-Cheshire Camera Club (MCCC) having mentored a number of our members through the CPAGB awards procedure. Gordon Jenkins (APAGB, PAGB) is the current Vice Chairman of Chorley Photographic Society and Treasurer of the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union (L&CPU). He is a long-standing Judge from within the region being associated with Club Photography for many years. In the 80s, Gordon was Elected onto the Executive Committee of the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union and immediately served as the Competition Secretary. He became Vice President in 1992 before talking the Presidents role in 1994, and then again in 2007. Over the years, Gordon has been one of the most popular of L&CPU judges. He is passionate about club photography, driven to help people, permanently enthusiastic and always chomping at the bit to get involved in new things .

Gordon has the ability to captivate an audience. He has presence and a style that allows him inject humour into his judging keeping the atmosphere light. Gordon’s marking of all the images was tough but consistent with scores of 15 – 16 being the average. Gordon commented a number of times during the evening in relation to the high standard of images coming from the club members and was heard to say “I will have to watch out for Mid Cheshire in the external competitions”. The high standard caused Gordon some difficulty in his final decision making.

It is interesting listening to Judges’ commenting during a competition. They seemed to have a bias in terms of the comments made. In Gordon’s case, his comments in the main covered points in relation to composition, although he offered solid and sound advice in the small detail including paper type, painting with light in post-production, reading an image – being able to determine what information comes from the story or interest within an image, appropriate size for a subject in an image. Gordon was keen to offer advice in relation to using Photoshop techniques to improve local sharpness of an image especially around the eyes of a subject.

Photographic Competitions are great fun and a great place for any person with some competitive spirit to get involved in the cut and thrust of Club Photography. Club competitions focus your mind and allow you to put the information learned from members’ evenings into practice.

The Open Competition is a form of photographic motivation, getting the club member out and about or at least making them think about their own photography and with the educational feedback offered by L&CPU Judges, anyone attending the evening cannot but help learn something from event.

The results for Open Competition 2

Advanced Prints
1. Ray Girling – On Target
2. Ray Hill – Male Red Deer Bellowing
3. Ray Girling – The Gambler

Advanced PDIs
1. Ian Whiston – Cheetah with Family
2. Sue Girling – Chequered Skipper
3. Jim Cain – Hoverfly approaching Great Willow Herb

Beginner PDIs
1. Peter Tasker - Agapanthus
2. Joff Trotman – The Take-off
3. Peter Tasker – Crane Fly in Silhouette

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up and a thank you to all the members taking part. A final big thank you to our Judge – Gordon Jenkins who provided sound and honest feedback throughout the whole evening.

For more information about the Mid-Cheshire Camera Club visit its website or come along to a meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.45 for 8pm at the Dingle Recreation Centre, Winsford.

Paul Wilcock
Press & Publicity Officer