The BIG MCCC Photography Quiz Night

Last night was the long awaited sequel to the MCCC Photography Quiz first held in 2014. Organised by quiz master Lawrence Regan, who had clearly spent hours sourcing questions and putting together an impressive digital presentation, we were quickly divided into four teams: Blue Nudes, In the Pink, the Red Team and the Yellow Team.
The quiz was divided into 5 sections with over 50 questions covering everything from using your camera to post processing to famous photos and their photographers, finishing with a cryptic picture round which had everyone tearing their hair out!
For two hours we racked our brains, scribbled possible answers, crossed them out, scribbled some more, tried not to let the neighbouring team hear our answers and laughed a heck of a lot – especially when it was revealed that a certain Competitions Secretary had got the answer wrong to the question “how many prints can you enter in the MCCC annual competition”?
Lawrence kept a running total from round to round and in the end the “dream-team” that had called themselves “In the Pink” were the worthy winners, scoring an impressive 50 marks and awarded with a box of chocolates for each team member.
All in all it was a fun, sociable evening that I can only hope will be repeated.
Kath Hill