Time Lapse Photography by Stephen Lewis

“Time Lapse Photography” by Stephen Lewis ARPS
Thanks to the hard work and tenacity of acclaimed landscape photographer Stephen Lewis, MCCC members were treated to an evening of stunning photography enhanced by an eclectic sound-track. This was an evening of something completely different where we were shown the world in all its glory where nothing stands still not even for a second.
At the start of the evening few of us knew anything about time-lapse photography apart from the odd clip on TV documentaries. By the end of the evening most of us were won over by Stephen’s beautifully dynamic portrayal of the sky at night, the aurora borealis and the brutal beauty of Iceland.
Stephen’s introduction to this complicated genre of photography was delivered in a clear style with plenty of humour. He showed us the equipment needed and a few members now know what the all-important intervalometer function on their camera is for. Apparently, simple time-lapse photography just requires a camera phone and egg timer!
Stephen’s presentation made you want to have a go at capturing the stars as they move across the sky and left me full of admiration for this unassuming and incredibly clever man.
Kath Hill
Secretary MCCC