L&CPU Annual PDI Club Competition

On Saturday the 27th the L&CPU held its annual club competition at Lowton. Mid Cheshire Camera club entered the PDI section, the competition is split into three categories Open, Mono,and Nature.In the Open we came 11th, the Mono 8th,Nature 19th this gave us an overall position 11th out of 41 clubs last year we came 26th. Amongst the clubs are some the best clubs national and internationally. Below are the individual marks I would like give a special mention to our beginners and first time entrants Sue Girling,Paul Wilcock and Richard Morris who helped us along to a great result.
1Colour DigitalKenneth Dickenson Getting Down to It12
2Colour DigitalIan Smith Down in the Dumps9
3Colour DigitalDigital Ray Hill Howzat12
4Colour DigitalRay Hill A Bit Higher12
5Colour DigitalRay Girling On The Wave11
6Colour DigitalRay Girling Harry Alexander11
7Colour DigitalKenneth Dickenson Just Training11
8Colour DigitalVeronica Nicholas On The Slab9
1Mono DigitalRay Hill Just For You11
2Mono DigitalMark Clayton The Squire12
3Mono DigitalRay Girling Horace13
4Mono DigitalKathleen Hill My Ball12
5Mono DigitalMark Clayton Feeling It11
6Mono DigitalRay Girling Urban Ballerina11
7Mono DigitalSusan Girling Plaque St Pancras12
8Mono DigitalKathleen Hill Tight Turn12
1Nature DigitalPaul Wilcock Ready for the Rut10
2Nature DigitalKathleen Hill Bullfinch9
3Nature DigitalRay Girling Harvest Mouse13
4Nature DigitalJim Cain Velvet Shank Fungi11
5Nature DigitalRay Hill Grebe Feeding Chick10
6Nature DigitalKenneth Dickenson Crouching Cheetah Cub12
7Nature DigitalKenneth Dickenson Long Eared Owl13
8Nature DigitalRichard Morris Orangutan and Baby11

Ray Girling
External Competition Secretary