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MCCC Competition 4 - Landscapes


If you would like to know who took all the glory at our most recent competition which was judged by Nick Beretzen, then read on! ...more

Photographing Men by Graham Currey


Members were treated to a brilliant presentation by Grahm Currey who went into the depths of male portrait photography, read on to learn more. ...more

Theme Competition - Mono


Paul Dunmall CPAGB / QGP
Read on to find out the winners in our first of three theme competitions this season. ...more

International Tri-battle


For the second year in a row, MCC take on the goliaths of Northern and the Republic of Ireland in an international tri-battle, Read on to find out who won. ...more

L&CPU Print Folio night - Folio A


Members enjoyed a relaxed evening reviewing L&CPU Print Folio A ...more

Open Competition 1 - Oct 22


Prints are back! Want to know the results of the first competition of the season, then read on. ...more

Landscape - Looking Local by Chris Shepherd


Chris Shepherd
Chris Shepherd gives a delightful talk on how to spot good landscape compositions that are right on your doorstep. ...more

Through Your Lens 1 - Summer Project


Our season starts with some wonderful images from our summer project. Read on to find out more. ...more

Create Studio Portraiture by Carol McNiven-Young


Carol McNiven-Young
Carol McNiven-Young (FRPS / EFIAP / DPAGB / BPE5*) returns to MCCC to give a presentation on Creative Studio Portraiture. ...more

Open Competition 5


Geoff Reader
Geoff Reader (DPAGB / BPE 3*) makes a return visit to MCCC to judge the last open competition of the season. Read on to find out who won. ...more

MCCC Practical Evening - Still Life


Grapes and Wine
MCCC Members, Ray Girling and Paul Wilcock hosted a still-life practical evening for members. Read on to see what happened. ...more

Open Competition2 (Mono)


Carol McNiven-Young
Carol McNiven-Young (FRPS / EFIAP / DPAGB / BPE5*) dials into MCCC for the first time to judge our Open mono competition. Read on to find out how our members faired in this, the second competition of the season. ...more

Tools not Rules by Caroline Preece LRPS


Caroline Preece LRPS
Caroline Preece LRPS gives Mid-Cheshire Camera Club members an insight into the psychology of photographs. Read on to understand more. ...more

Three-way Battle between MCCC v Catchlight CC v Mallow CC


It's The Honest Truth
MCCC took part in an international friendly PDI competition against camera clubs from Northern and Southern Ireland. Read on to see how we got on. You may be a little surprised! ...more

Open Competition 1


Roger Evans
With the first competition of the season being judged by Roger Evans, read on to see who were the winners ...more

How to be a Portrait Photographer by Geoff Reader


Geoff Reader
Have you ever wondered how to take great images of models or your family? Well, Geoff Reader from Alsager Camera club tells members of MCCC just how to do this very thing. ...more

Annual Print Competition 2020/21


Gordon Jenkins
MCCC members were joined once again by Mr. Gordon Jenkins to judge the 2020/21 Annual Print Competition. Read on to see who won. ...more

A Judges View by Paul Dunmall CPAGB / QGP


Paul Dunmall CPAGB / QGP
Paul Dunmall returns to MCCC with a new talk entitled A Judges View. This talk promises to be a great audience-interactive presentation. ...more

MCCC welcomes a new Club Chair


Paul Wilcock
Read on to find out who is Mid-Cheshire Camera Club's new Chair ...more

London Light London Life by Chris Shepherd


Chris Shepherd
Immerse yourself into the wonderful world of Chris Shepherd as he takes you through the sights of London in his unique and interesting photographic style ...more

MCCC Theme Competition 'Movement' 2021


Paul Dunmall
If you want to know what happened with the final competition of the season, and who won the Photographer of the year then read on. ...more

Macro Flower Photogrpahy


Ken Payne
Have you ever wondered about the micro-world of macro photography. Read on to take a glimpse at Ken Payne Macro flower photography ...more

Open Competition 5


It is getting close at the top of the leader board for the Photographer of the Year. Read on to see who the winners and who were the runners up in our latest Open Competition. ...more

Speed and Motion by Paul Dunmall (CPAGB / QGP)


MCCC recently had a visit from Photographer and Judge, Paul Dunmall (CPAGB, QGP) who gave an inspiring presentation entitled Speed and Motion. Read on to find out more. ...more

Open Competition 4


Bob Dennis
Long time friend of MCCC, Mr Bob Dennis returned to judge our January 2021 Open Competition. Read on to see who were the winners. ...more

Open competition 3


John Royle
Wondering who got the top spot in Open comp 3, then read on..... ...more

Creative Differences by Adrian and Jane Lines


Jane & Adrian Lines - Steam Punks
Read on to find out more about this engaging insight into post creative photography presented to MCCC by Adrian and Jane Lines. ...more

Open Competition 2 (Mono)


Diana Magor
The second open competition of the year but with a twist with all images being submitted in mono. Read on to see how judge Diana Magor scored all participants ...more

Travels in Cuba and the Shetland Islands


Nick Berentzen
This week Nick Berentzen provides MCCC with two presentations from his recent travels to Cuba and the Shetland Islands. Read on to see what we found out..... ...more

Open Competition 1


Graham Currey
Our first open competition of the season is underway. Read on to find out who the winners were. ...more

Annual Print Competition 2019/20


Due to a lockdown delay of five months, members of Mid-Cheshire Camera Club finally managed to hold their Annual Print Competition. Read on to find out how we got on.... ...more

How I use my Camera - Preparing for a photo shoot


Geoff Reader from Alsager Camera Club entertains MCCC members with a delightful 'back to basics' presentation. ...more

Critique Night


Ian Whiston (DPAGB, EFIAP/G, ABPE) critiques images that were submitted by members during two of our Lockdown competitions ...more

Annual PDI Competition


The Annuals are upon us. Read on to see which members won in the individual sections and who won overall. ...more

Members Evening with Chris Prior and Ian Smith


MCCC travel far and wide in search of the best image. Read on to find out where two of our globe-trotting members ventured. ...more

MCCC PDI Knockout Competition 2020


Judging images under a time pressure is not easy. Read on to find out how members of MCCC faired in this years PDI Knockout competition. ...more

Portrait Evening with Graham Currey


Find out how members of MCCC got on in our practical portrait night with Professional Photographer, model and actor - Mr Graham Currey ...more

Open Competition 5


Nick Berentzen
Nick Berentzen
See how members got on in this month's Open Competition 5 ...more

Paddy Kosogorin’s Tour of Southern Italy


Paddy Kosogorin
A delightful story from Paddy Kosogorin on her Italian travels ...more

Nature Photography - A Recorded Lecture by Paul Keene


Read on to find out more about the recorded Nature Presentation by Paul Keene (FRPS / MPAGB / EFIAP/p / MFIAP) ...more

Through Your Lens 2 - 2020


This week, the club hosted it's second 'Through your Lens' meeting. Read on to understand the importance of this special evening. ...more

Open Competition 4


Bob Dennis
Read on to see what surprises were had in this month's Open Competition ...more

Open Competition 3


Tilman Kleinhans
Tilman Kleinhans judges the 2019 Open Competition 3. Read on to find out who the winners were..... ...more

2018 Common Wealth Games by Roger Evans


Roger Evans
Roger Evans presents an interesting account of what life is like as an accredited Sports Photogprpaher during the 2018 Common Wealth Games ...more

Open Competition 2 Mono


Open Competiton 2 - This competition was judged by Diana Magor (EFIAPb, APSA, MPSA, CPAGB, LRPS, BPE3*). This was the Clubs dedicated Mono competition where our External Competition Secretary will look at the submissions for the upcoming Five Towns Competiton. Read on to find out who won. ...more

Photographing Military Aircraft by Dave Jones


Military Aircraft Photography with Dave Jones ...more

The Creative Power of Mono - A Presentation by Simon Watkinson


Simon Watkinson
Read on to find out about the wonderful presentation given by Simon Watkinson entitled "The Creative Power of Mono" ...more

Open Competition 1 - 2nd October 2019


With the new season finally underway members of MCCC compete in the first Open Competition of the season. ...more

Digital Wedding Photography - It's Easy Isn't It? A presentation by Ian Stewart


Wedding Photography - Ever tried it? Think it's easy? Read on to find out how members of Mid-Cheshire Camera Club got on with Professional Wedding Photographer - Ian Stewart's presentation. ...more

End of Season Interview with Ray Girling


Ray Girling with his collection of trophies from this season
Have you ever wanted to know the secret to Ray Girling's success, then read on! ...more

Annual Theme Competition 2019 - Men or Women at Work


This was a great final competition to mark the end of the season. Read on to find out who won and the member who was crowned Photographer of the Year! ...more

Annual Print Competition 2019


Gordon Jenkins
Gordon Jenkins is our Judge for the Annual Print Competiton. Read on to see who won all the silverware! ...more

Travel Photography ‘New Zealand’ presented by Tony Redford


Tony Redford
Have you ever thought about what it would be like to tour around New Zealand? Read on to find out what our members experienced from Tony Redford's 'New Zealand' presentation? ...more

Chester Night Shoot


50mm - ISO 100 - 1/60 sec - f/2.2
50mm - ISO 100 - 1/60 sec - f/2.2
MCCC members went out on our first field trip of the season to Chester. Read on to find out how we managed with a slow workflow and low ambient light conditions. ...more

Annual PDI 2019


Roger Evans
With 165 images to Judge read on to find out how Roger Evans scored the MCCC 2019 Annual Projected Digital Image Competition. ...more

Wildlife Photography with David Taylor


David Taylor
If you are looking for a great opportunity to take fantastic close images of bird life, then take a trip to Pikelow Farm in Macclesfield. You will not be disappointed! ...more

PAGB – Great British Cup Success for MCCC member


Read on to see which member had success in the PAGB Great British Cup ...more

“Take the Next Step” A presentation by Dianne Owen


Dianne Owen FRPS
Dianne Owen FRPS visited Mid-Cheshire Camera Club this week to deliver her new presentation depicting her work. Read on to learn how this respected photographer creates her images ...more

20th February 2019 - MCCC PDI Knockout


Who will take the winning place? Read on to find out. ...more

13th Feb 2019 - Travels in Lightroom by Simon Watkinson


Simon Watkinson
Mid-Cheshire Camera Club was lucky enough to have award-winning photography Simon Watkinson showcase his presentation about Lightroom. ...more

Realising Your Potential by Dr Brian Law


Dr Brian Law
Do you want to be a good photographer, or do you want to be a great photographer? If the answer is yes, then read on to be inspired and educated. ...more

Model Shoot Demonstration – A Masterclass by Ray Girling


Film Noir - Paul2
You may be a film buff having watched great films such as The Saint with George Sanders, The Maltese Falcon with Humphrey Bogart or even some of the Hitchcock classics such as Notorious with Bergman and Grant. What do all these films have in common? Well, they were shot in a cinematic style known as 'Film Noir'. Read on to see what happen when Film Noir came to Mid-Cheshire Camera Club. ...more

Remembrance Sunday Parade - Nov 2018


MCCC Chairman pauses at the War Memorial in quiet reflection after laying a Wreath in remembrance of the Great Wars. Mid-Cheshire Camera Club remembers the dead of all the conflicts and wars over the last 100 years, especially the First World War. ...more

17th October 2018 – PAGB Awards and How to Prepare for them


Gordon Jenkins
Gordon Jenkins
So, you think you are a good photographer! Read on to find out how you can prove it....... ...more

MCCC visit to Dorothy Clive Gardens


Waterfall at Dorothy Clive Gardens
MCCC were the first Camera Club to take advantage of a unique photographic experience offered by Catchlight Pics. Read on to find out more ...more

Annual Theme Competition - Street Photography


Bill Preston 2018
The Annual Theme competition - Read on to feel the tension and excitement with this being the final competition of the season. ...more

Bubble Rush 2018


Bubble Rush 18 - 1
It's all in the aid of Charity Mate! Read on to see how three brave volunteers from Mid-Cheshire Camera Club fared as they took on the challenge to photograph hundreds of charity runners at St Luke's Hospice Bubble Rush at Oulton Park ...more

Annual Print Competition 2018


Jane Lines
With all the excitement of a Merseyside Derby, read on to find out who were the winners in the 2018 Annual Print Competi ...more

Annual PDI Competition 2018


Robert Millin
The results are published - Read on to find out more! ...more

Picture in EXE by Mike Lawrence


Mike Lawrence
Have you ever had the urge to make movies out of your images. Well, if you had read on to here how MCCC were given insights into this different type of art by Mike Lawrence from Oldham Photographic Society ...more

Tri- Battle - Frodsham v MCCC v Northwich


Gordon Jenkins
Read the full article to see how Mid-Cheshire Camera Club fared in this local team competition ...more

Iceland in Winter by Dave Bibby


Dave Bibby
Dave Bibby provides the members an account of his experience from his latest venture to Iceland. ...more

Open Competition 5 - 7th February 2018


Rob Hockney
Rob Hockney
Read on to find out how our Judge - Mr Rob Hockney scored the last Open Competition of the season. ...more

An Evening with Terry Donnelly


Terry Donnelly
If having the latest kit for your photography is your thing then read on to see how the members got on with guest speaker - Terry Donnelly (MPAGB / FRPS / FBPE / EFIAP) - who was show casing the latest photographic gadgets from Sony. ...more

Open Competition 4 - 10th January 18


Janice Barton & Winners
As the season continues the league hots up. Read on to see to which winners were picked by Janice Barton ...more

Open Competition 3 (Mono)


Diana Magor
Diana Magor
Its our new Annual Open Mono Competition and our Judge making a return visit is Diana Magor. ...more

Talk Sport with Roger Evans


Roger Evans
If you want to know how to reinvent your creativity then read on. Roger Evan's first in a series of presentations was fantastic. ...more

Small Prints Competition No. 1


Late Summer Sun
Check out the images in the first of this seasons Small Prints Competition. There is a surprising winner......... ...more

Open Competition 2 Nov 2017


John Royle
Our Judge for the night Mr John Royle, makes a return visit to Mid -Cheshire Camera Club ...more

11th Oct 2017 - An Evening with Geoff Reader – Sport, Nature, Landscape and People


Geoff Reader
Read all about Geoff Reader and his photographic presentation that he gave to the Club on the 11th Oct. ...more

Open Competition 1 - Oct 2017


Bob Dennis
Bob Dennis makes a return to Mid Cheshire Camera Club to Judge the first competition of the 2017/8 season. ...more

20th September 2017 – Enhancing and creating images Using Photoshop with Darrell Oakden


Darrell Oakden DPAGB, EFIAP, BPE3*
Read on to find out how Darrell Oakden demystifies the secrets of using Photoshop.... ...more

13th Sept Meeting - Irene Froy Saves the Day


Irene Froy
This was a close call for our Chairman Ian Whiston however, he was able to save the evening with the help of a video presentation from Irene Froy. Read the article to find out what members gleaned from Irene. ...more

6th Sept 2017 - A Gentle Start to the New Season


Finished picture
It is the start of the 2017/8 season and I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you my experiences in planning and preparing to photography the Flying Scotsman in June 2016. Many mistakes were made - Read on to see how I got on. ...more

New Section for 2015/16 Club Days Out


Up dates on forthcoming events you can take part in ...more